My reason for writing, from the heart

In starting this journal it feels different than ever before.  I intend it to be not just a record of sights, tastes and experiences but of our feelings and emotions as we travel through life and I hope, to have time to tell the story of how we got here.

My reason for writing and writing from the heart is simply it’s the right time and I feel we have reached an exciting and defining junction.

For Adam this year is one of huge upheaval, it’s been a time of difficult and we know life-changing decisions but necessary and positive decisions as he leaves his role and escape from corporate world.  Leaving behind friends and colleagues that he has inspired and that have inspired him and transformed what I know sometimes felt like a futile, uphill battle into a rewarding and motivating experience.

For me (Helen) as always, challenging, exciting times managing our own business as the team and company strengthen, evolve and grow.

For us both, after four years of living apart during the week, the last of those years in a building site as we renovated our new home (more on that in another blog later), we are stronger than ever.  Confident in our decision to take a break, escape and travel for a while, enjoy time and new experiences together and to let those experiences inspire and mould what we do next…

I anticipate the journey will be a roller coaster adventure and I want to be able to capture it for me and for any like-minded people who find this travel blog and that is my reason for writing from the heart.