A new journey and travel journal begins…

As we start a new journey and a travel journal begins but my journey and travel journal started some time ago…

In August 2008 I bought a Moleskin notebook – I presented myself a challenge choosing one with plain not lined pages as I felt I needed to be completely free to use it as I may want as I set out on a new path (more on this at another time in this blog).

The first, pristine blank page was daunting and paralysed me. After lots of staring and soul searching at the white space I wrote on the first page…

“A new journey begins or is it that the journey continues down new and yet undefined paths.  Paths to be mapped and shared together…”

starting a travel journalOn the first evening of our, half-planned, trip, glasses of wine in hand watching the sunset, I turned the page, pencil poised and, still afraid of the blank page, asked Adam to write first.

He sat and stared for a while, something he does often as a Designer and invariably comes with a creative solution. As he reached the bottom of his glass of wine he put pencil to paper (neither of us like the permanency of pens) and started the journal of our travels.

We were setting off in Adam’s camper van to the Mediterranean on our very first trip together having met just a short time before.

Over the coming weeks the pages filled with thoughts, feelings and food as we travelled, got to know each other and basically enjoyed a life changing 4 weeks together. (maybe more on that later)

Food and travel diary

Now I start a different journal as we start a new journey and, as we turn a page again my online travel journal begins.

Rather than simply adding to my collection of pencil filled Moleskin travel journals that I fill and file (hide) away after each trip promising myself I will revisit, reread do something with them one day I can share my travel diary with others.  Perhaps to inspire, to influence, to entertain those that stumble upon or follow this travel blog.