Customised Camper…

Celebration time we have finished our customised camper!

After several early mornings, long days, lots of sore hands and just a little bit of of getting wound up with each other, we have now rebuilt and slightly re-modelled our custom camper van to be even better than before.sink cooker in customer camper vanStill with our hand made cushions from Melin Tregwynt fabric, bags of room to store our wine and food in the fridges, our customised camper is now more solid and with more space to store our kit.

And as a finishing touch, we even sprayed the silver VW badge satin black!  Beautiful!  Wave if you spot us on the road!

We have our maps, lots of them and we’re ready to go! Our personalised camper van road trip, a new adventure…

Europe map & fridge in custom camper

Whilst travelling through Croatia last year, we brought some of its vibrancy home, we call her Fleur. She flourished in our apartment in Zurich and even survived the British winter in our building site. It therefore seemed a poignant as we start to our trip in our newly customised camper, to re-plant Fleur in our garden, to enjoy the summer sunshine whilst we are away…

Summer flowers outside

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